Brix, Fructose, Glucose and Invert Sugar Measurements
Milwaukee MA871
Digital Brix Refractometer
Milwaukee MA872
Digital Refractometer for Fructose
Milwaukee MA873
Digital Refractometer for Glucose
Milwaukee MA881
Digital Refractometer for Invert Sugar
Digital Refractometer
For Brix or Salinity

Grape Juice Must Measurements
Milwaukee MA882
Digital Brix Refractometer
Milwaukee MA883
Digital Refractometer °Baumé
Milwaukee MA884
Digital Brix / Potential Alcohol Refractometer
Milwaukee MA885
Digital Brix/°Oechsle (°Oe) /°KMW (°Babo) Refractometer

Sodium Chloride Measurements
Milwaukee MA886
Digital Refractometer to Determine Sodium Chloride in Food
Milwaukee MA887
Digital Salinity Refractometer
Milwaukee MA888
Digital Ethylene Glycol Refractometer

Optical Refractometers
Optical Refractometer
Brix/Grape Must/Salinity/Honey/ Serum Protein
Hand Held Refractometer
In Secure Carry Case
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Industrial Fluid




Oechsle & Brix

Alcohol & Grape

Anti Freeze/Battery    /Cleaning Fluids

AdBlue & Urea

Beer Brewing


Soya Bean Milk

Emulsion Oil