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34 John X Merriman Street
Oakdale, Bellville, 7530
Western Province
South Africa

Postal Address

P O Box 231
South Africa

Office Hours

Mon - Thurs 8:00am - 4:30pm
Friday 8:00am - 3:00pm

About Spraytech

In1993 Bryan Stewart established Spraytech in the Western Cape. In 2002 he went to Italy and negotiated and obtained the franchises for sole distributorship in Southern Africa of Milwaukee & Martini Instruments as well as for Euspray Precision Spray Nozzles and Automatic Self-Cleaning Water Filters. Since then we have obtained several other dealerships and are now represented nationally, and lately, have established business contacts and dealerships in a number of countries in Central Africa.

We have a very wide range of pH, EC, Nutrient and other analysis and process instrumentation. Also available is a wide variety of precision spray nozzles for industrial and agricultural applications, e.g. Bottle and crate washing, dust suppression, insecticide spraying, misting, fogging, etc. Our emergency drench showers and eye wash units are used for applications where accidental chemical spillage is a high risk. We offer a wide range of filters for industrial, agricultural and also domestic purposes. We can filtrate down to 0.5 microns absolute, very fine indeed.

We also have a range of low volume pumps, High pressure - low volume pumps and a range of electrical test equipment e.g. Multi-meters, Clamp meters etc.

So, please give us the opportunity to serve you and put our 3-G Policy to the test.  Namely:

Good Service-Good Quality-Good Prices.

We are proud of our good name in the Market place, and work hard at keeping it that way.