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Electronic timer controlled condensate drain


The MICDRAIN®-COMBO is the economy line compact draining solution for all your compressed air applications (dryers, filters, receivers, drip legs, after-coolers etc.).

The MICDRAIN®-COMBO removes condensate from compressed air systems by using a solenoid valve, with integrated ball-valve and strainer, in combination with an electronic timer.

Adjustable potentiometers allow the drain to be adjusted to suit any size compressed air system.

The LED display allows for visual confirmation of the operating status.

The TEST-feature enables you to discharge condensate manually and to check the valve operation.


  • Competitive solution suitable for any type or size of compressed air system.
  • Successful draining of condensate due to large orifice (also heavily emulsified condensate).
  • Sold only to OEM’s and larger distributors.
  • Low stocking cost advantages for you.
  • Low purchase threshold for your customers.
  • CE approved.
  • Service kits available.


  • Compact design and fully serviceable.
  • LED-display for visual monitoring of the operating status.
  • Direct acting valve with stainless steel operating parts, for a reliable discharge.
  • FPM valve seal and a large 4.0 mm orifice.
  • Incredibly simple to install and impossible to air lock.
  • Fully automatic and 100% continuous duty.
  • Integrated ball-valve and strainer and dual inlet 1/2" + 1/4".
  • Operating pressure 0 to 16 bar.

Timer drains that have a smaller valve orifice than 4 mm that are fitted to compressors, dryers and receivers can easily be blocked (rust, scale etc.). The MICDRAIN-COMBO offers a low cost solution to improve the reliability factor with its highly reliable internal valve construction.


Discharge time 0.5 – 10 sec., adjustable *
Pause time 0.5 – 45 min., adjustable *
Voltage 230VAC and 115VAC *
Maximum pressure 16 Bar g *
Inlet / outlet connection 1/2" + 1/4"(dual) / 1/2" *
Valve type 2/2 way valve (direct acting)
Orifice 4.0 mm
Valve seal FPM
Operating parts Stainless steel
Integrated ball valve and strainer   Yes
Environmental protection IP65 (NEMA 4)
* For other requests/specifications please see FLUIDRAIN or EZ1 ranges.